Join the adventure in front of a GREETER of the Valley of Munster! Passionate and want to pass on? Contact the Munster Valley Tourist Office and we will assist you in this process.


You like the valley of Munster, and want to share with tourists your passion for our magnificent territory… join the group of Greeters!

Download the form (pdf file 440kb) become greeter

What is a Greeter?

It is a person who wants to make discover the territory where he lives to people who come to vacation ; the Greeter usually has a favorite passion or subject; for example he loves fishing, or walking, or gardening… and he wants to make people discover his region through his passion; he has at least two hours per month for this voluntary activity.

How does it work?
The tourist office has created a website dedicated to Greeters; this site is linked to the worldwide Greeters network.
When John, who lives in New York, plans to come to the Munster Valley, he goes to the dedicated Greeters website; John is passionate about the history of textiles in the Vosges Mountains, because his grandfather, before emigrating to the United States, worked at Hartmann; on the website he sees that Albert, who lives behind, in the valley of Munster, worked in the textile industry and loves to tell anecdotes about this time, to show the old industrial sites… John informs the tourist office of the date on which he wishes to meet Albert; the tourist office gets in touch with Albert, from the valley of Munster, and confirms the meeting with John and Albert, who meet and have a good time together.
And if Albert was you ?

What do we win?
Nothing! it is not a paid activity. We win nothing, if not the pleasure of a moment shared with people who have the same passion as you.

If you want to become Greeter of the Valley of Munster, and share your love for our beautiful valley with visitors from all over the world, contact Audrey BRAESCH by phone at 03 89 77 31 80 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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