The Munster Valley's club vosgien:

When you decided to come for a stay in the Munster Valley, could you ever have imagined that more than 500 friends are waiting for you, all keen to help you discover the very best our valley has to offer including its natural environment, its picturesque sites and landscapes?

This is the ambition of every member of Club Vosgien and has been for more than a century, when the first generations of volunteers set about marking out and laying out hiking routes for our visitors.

Today, our network of hiking trails covers 460 km, which for our team of volunteers means more than a kilometre to be maintained every day of the year.

If you are keen to discover the hidden face and the sheer richness of the amazing environment to be found in the Munster Valley, you can rely on our maps and our guides. Through enchanting clearings and secret vales they will take you to the high altitude lakes and corries which lie just below the peaks with their amazing panoramic views across the area.

- Take a virtual tour of the Sentier des roches with panoramic 360 degree views: The shots were made last fall by The Munster Valley's club vosgien with the device "Google Street View Trekker " Awesome ! Click the link below:,7.0262,3a,75y,141.75h,68.55t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sGO2-ZrIN9Ofb2w7jl9NOZg!2e0!3e5?hl=fr

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Download details of the hiking routes

These proposed routes are extracts from the guides published by Munster Valley's Club Vosgien. There are three different guides (walks of two hours, easy hikes and more difficult ones). Each guide contains details of 20 hikes.

Hiking maps and guide booklets on sale at the tourist office’s reception desk

circuit des 2 lacs
circuit des 2 lacs
circuit du Narrenstein
circuit du Narrenstein

You can download the leaflets for our historical trails by clicking the links below:

Map of the Munster Valley (1/25000th scale)

Carte Vallée Munster
cliquez pour agrandir l'image La nouvelle carte de la Vallée de Munster

Following its success, we have produced a second edition which is now tear proof... for the same price of €20.
This 1:25000th scale map enables you to hike through the whole valley from Turckheim to Longemer Lake, and from Lac blanc to Rouffach. You’ll no longer need four different maps to explore our 460 km of marked-out trails! On the back, you'll find details of outstanding sites and of our region’s plants and wildlife.
It is on sale at the Munster tourist office and in bookshops throughout the region or via the Internet from the Club Vosgien Federation:

Club Vosgien’s trips, hikes and events

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The difficulty (ranked from 1 to 5) uses the harmonised scoring system from the Club Vosgien Federation:
1 very easy (for families), 2 easy, 3 average (hiker), 4 fairly difficult (experienced hiker), 5 difficult (sports hiker)

Participation in our hikes is free of charge. For non-members, a contribution of €3 is required for insurance (€1 for children under the age of 12) except for hikes on 1 May and Advent, organised in partnership with the tourist office.

The Erichson chalet

Tel. +33 6 77 10 94 28

Le chalet Erichson
cliquez pour agrandir l'image The Erichson chalet

It overlooks the attractive mountain pasture of Gaertlesrain in the Soultzeren district. Visitors can admire the magnificent view across the whole Munster Valley, the peaks of the Vosges, the Black Forest and even the Alps. Accessible on foot from the Lac Vert or the Lac du Forlet (marked out with a yellow disc) or from the Dreieck car park on the peak route (marked out with a red disc). You'll be welcomed by volunteers who propose drinks to accompany your light meals.
Able to welcome up to 30 hikers indoors, it is open every day from 1 May to 1 November. It does not include accommodation..
Reservations for groups are available during the week by calling +33 (0)3 89 77 59 17. To directly contact the volunteer on duty, please call +33 (0)6 77 10 94 28.

Report a problem with signposting

Despite all the care we take with signposting on our hiking trails, perhaps you've noticed that a panel is damaged, worn or has been pulled down, or perhaps that the signposting wasn't clear.
Please tell us where it is, being as precise as possible:

  • Area,
  • direction,
  • panel concerned (ideally, a copy of the map with the location or the GPS coordinates)

to: Gérard HEINRICH - BP 2 - 68140 MUNSTER - tel +33 (0)6 31 86 77 38 – email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join Club Vosgien

The annual subscription is €17.50 per member or €25 per couple.. All members up to date with their subscriptions are covered by civil liability and individual accident insurance. They will also receive the magazine "LES VOSGES".
The subscription application accompanied by the payment and your contact details (last name, first name, address, tel, e-mail …) should be sent to our treasurer Jean Daniel CHAPOT, 7 rue des Gentianes 68140 MUNSTER tel +33 (0)3 89 77 58 96: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the membership form in pdf format (click this link): Membership form 2016.pdf

Participation in our hikes is free of charge. For non-members, a contribution of €3 is required for the insurance.

Club Vosgien of the Munster Valley - President Gérard HEINRICH
BP 2 - 68140 MUNSTER

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