You are visiting our beautiful valley

By choosing to stay in the Valley of Munster, did you imagine that you would be expected here by more than 600 friends, all of them eager to let you know what our Valley has to offer you the most beautiful: its natural setting, its picturesque sites and its landscapes?
Each member of Club Vosgien has this wish in itself, and this was already true more than a century ago, when our first generations of volunteers began to to develop and mark out hiking routes for our visitors. Today our trails represent a network of 460 km, that is, for our teams of volunteers, more than a kilometer to keep in good condition every day of the year ...
So if you are keen to discover the real face and the richness of this magnificent natural space that constitutes the Valley of Munster, trust our MAPS and GUIDES (on sale at the tourist office). Through splendid glades and secret valleys, they will lead you to the high lakes and glacial cirques that precede the ridges with their rooftop panoramas of the world.

You will find in our program on this site HIKING of all levels, guided by members of the Club Vosgien de la Vallée de Munster, most of whom have the hiking guide diploma issued by the Federation of Vosges Clubs and recognized by the European Hiking Federation.

Bring good shoes, clothes suitable for the weather (rain, snow, wind, sun) and a bottle of water (and a snack from the bag for day hikes). Keep dogs on a leash (They are prohibited in the Frankenthal-Missheimle nature reserve). Respect nature, bring back your rubbish and walk the trails.

Our hikes are open to all according to their level. For non-members of Club Vosgien a contribution of € 3 is required for insurance. (€ 1 for children under 12)

  To report a marking fault or a problem on our trails, click here.

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