To report a tagging failure

Despite all the care taken to mark our paths, you may have noticed that a sign has been damaged or torn off, that the marking was not clear, or you have encountered a problem on our paths: fallen tree, gullied path or in poor condition...

Thank you for reporting it to us as accurately as possible:

  • Location (place, photo... ideally a copy of the map with the location or GPS coordinates),
  • Direction,
  • Concerned sign (waymark)

Club Vosgien de la Vallée de Munster
President Gérard HEINRICH
BP 2 - 68140 MUNSTER
tel: 06 31 86 77 38
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Why have we changed the markup of some paths

These changes are in response to a desire to make our waymarking as understandable as possible. Each of our walking routes is marked with a single sign, which leads from its start to its final destination. When, at a fork in the road, you find an X-shaped marker, (a trestle), this indicates the possibility of joining another route or destination.

The latest edition of our IGN map "Vallée de Munster" is up to date with this marking.


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