The Club Vosgien de la Vallée de Munster invites you to share with them the pleasure of hiking in the mountains.
Walk with hiking enthusiasts and thus discover unusual places and new knowledge of the local flora and fauna.


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The last snowshoe hike (or rather without snowshoes due to lack of snow) was on February 14, so we take a winter break (despite spring weather) until Easter Monday (April 5) with our traditional walk on the Genêts circuit. However, the Nordic Walking continues every Friday and Saturday afternoon. < / p>

If you hike alone, know that not all the marked paths are yet passable, many trees have fallen across, and the paths that go up to the ridges are still impracticable because they are snow-covered: risk of slipping on steep slopes and avalanches under the snowfields (Falimont, Dagobert, Wormspel, Overbloy, etc.)

Our HIKING PROGRAM 2021 is online at the top of the page Hikes , subject to compliance with government measures: Gatherings are always limited to 6 people : We can do the hikes with a guide + 5 people, or two groups of 6 people who follow each other at about ten meters if we have 2 guides ...
In all cases reservation is required and we ask you to specify your names, first names and telephone numbers to warn you in the event of a cluster or cancellation and to wear the mask during the gathering on the market place and when carpooling and to respect the distance during the hike.

One of the bridges of the Wormsa trail fell due to a tree fall (on the GR5 red rectangle between Mittlach and the Fischboedle lake) . You can go through with a few acrobatics but it is preferable to take the François path (red easel) to climb to Lake Fischboedle.

Horaires d'ouverture de l'office de tourisme

Novembre & décembre et de janvier à mars : 

Lundi à vendredi : 10h - 12h et 14h - 17h
Samedi : 10h - 12h et 14h - 16h

En avril, mai, juin, septembre et octobre : 9h30 - 12h30 et 14h - 18h
Samedi : 10h - 12h et 14h - 16h

En Juillet et août : 
Lundi à vendredi : 9h - 12h30 et 13h30 - 18h30
Samedi : 9h - 12h30 et 13h30 - 18h et dimanche 9h - 13h

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